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The Sayonara Strategy: How Newspapers Will Fade Away

Originally posted on BlastofWinter:
For newspapers, access to capital at anything approaching a reasonable rate is now impossible. Usually, given the circular logic that prevails in the world of investing, the presence of the smart money alone convinces others to jump in without looking too closely at what they’re buying. The opposite holds true, too.…

How can archives add value for newspapers and TV?

Originally posted on The Buttry Diary:
Melody Kramer asked a smart question this week about value in legacy media: https://twitter.com/mkramer/status/567095263731273728 Update: Melody also did a longer post about the value of archives. I have long felt that newspaper archives were a wasted asset that exposed our legacy mentality, always focused on the expensive task of producing new…

Where news media need to focus if they’re going to survive

Turnabout is fair play? Maine politicians and journalists

It’s difficult to think of a better example of how the web has changed journalism than the recent set-to between well-known Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz and state politicians cum bloggers Ethan Strimling and Phil Harriman. At issue is a blog post from Strimling and Harriman that describes a Republican poll showing popular independent … Continue reading

Is that a phone in your pocket or …

There was Jeff Jarvis talking about mobile the other day and he doesn’t so much make a new point but remind everyone why they’re in the news business. It’s not the platform and it’s not the content, he says, it’s this: “Relationships — knowing people and serving them better because of what it knows about … Continue reading