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Turnabout is fair play? Maine politicians and journalists

It’s difficult to think of a better example of how the web has changed journalism than the recent set-to between well-known Portland Press Herald columnist Bill Nemitz and state politicians cum bloggers Ethan Strimling and Phil Harriman.

At issue is a blog post from Strimling and Harriman that describes a Republican poll showing popular independent candidate Angus King losing support after an attack campaign by the US Chamber of Commerce on behalf of Republican candidate Charlie Summers. The two bloggers were careful to describe what they knew and what they did not, but that was not enough for the King campaign or Nemitz, who wrote his own piece about the failings of these bloggers.

Ink, now being purchased (online!) by the barrel by everyone, Strimling and Harriman responded to the Nemitz, with Nemitz counter responding unhappily to them.

So, what Maine now has are politicians writing copy to bedevil journalists and journalists claiming foul. Seems fair in some ways, and yet the public may continue to dislike both groups, only for the opposite reasons.


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